How to Use a Hair Curler: Tips for Perfect Curls Every Time


Curling your hair could give your appearance volume, texture, and a glamorous touch—perfect for when you want to switch up your regular look or get ready for a special event. But getting those flawless curls can be difficult. You may become an expert at curling your hair with the appropriate methods and enough practice. With the best hair curler, you can get flawless curls every time with these seven comprehensive recommendations.

Tips to Use a Hair Curler

  • Selecting the Appropriate Hair Curler

Selecting the ideal hair curler for your hair type and desired style is the first step towards getting flawless curls. Curlers are made of diverse materials and have varying sizes, each for a unique use. A smaller barrel (1/2 inch to 3/4 inch) works best for curls that are tight and well-defined. A bigger barrel, one to two inches in diameter, performs well in loose, beachy waves. Think about getting a curler with replacement barrels if you want flexibility.

Furthermore, the curler’s substance is important. While tourmaline curlers release negative ions that enhance shine and minimise frizz, ceramic curlers uniformly distribute heat, minimising the chance of damage. Because titanium curlers have a high ability to generate heat, they work best on thick or coarse hair.

  • Make Sure Your Hair Is Ready

In order to get curls that stay longer and avoid heat damage, properly prep your hair prior to using a curling iron. To add body and lift, start by conditioning and shampooing your hair using a volumising shampoo and conditioner. After washing your hair, protect your hair strands from the extreme temperatures of the curler by using a heat-protectant spray or serum. Using a curler on wet hair could result in serious damage; therefore, make sure your hair is totally dry before beginning the curling process. You could also use a styling spray or mousse to provide your usually straight or fine hair some more strength and grip.

  • Take Sections of Your Hair 

Taking sections of your hair is an essential stage in the process of generating curls that are even and well-defined. You can avoid heating in any one place and give each strand of hair the attention it deserves by dividing your hair into smaller sections. Starting with a centre part, trim the top layers of your hair to make room for the horizontal portions you have divided into. You could be required to split your hair into multiple portions depending on how thick it is. For most hair types, four to six parts should be enough.

  • Get an Expert at Curling

The final appearance is significantly affected by the method you choose to curl your hair. To begin, take a little portion of hair and, being cautious not to contact your scalp, position the curler close to the roots. To get a natural, attractive appearance, wrap your hair around the barrel and twist it away from your face. Depending on the width of your hair and the heat settings on the curler, keep the hair securely in place for 10 to 15 seconds. Before going on to the following stage, carefully release the curl into your fingers and let it cool. This chilling procedure helps the curl to set and persist longer.

  • Modify the Temperature

To get the greatest results without causing harm, various heat settings are needed for different kinds of hair. Lower temperatures, around 300°F (150°C) or less, are suitable for curling fine or damaged hair. The temperature range that normal hair is able to endure is 300°F to 350°F (150°C to 175°C), while thick or coarse curls may need to go as high as 400°F (200°C). You can determine the correct temperature for your hair type using the majority of current curlers’ changeable heat settings. If required, progressively raise the heat from the lowest setting.

  • Make Use of the Correct Products

The lifespan and beauty of your curls may be greatly improved by using the proper hair styling products. Curls should be set without becoming rigid by using a light-hold hairspray after curling. Apply a volumising spray at the roots of your hair before curling for more volume. Apply a little layer of shine spray to your finished product to intensify the shine. Stay clear of thick or oily products that can leave your curls seem greasy and weigh them down.

  • Complete the Look with Style Tips

After you have curled every hair in your body, it is time to set and shape your curls for a polished appearance. To ensure that the curls are set and remain longer, let them cool fully before handling them. After cooling, detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb or brush your fingers over it gently to create a softer, more natural appearance. A brush should not be used since this might cause the curls to become frizzy. Turn your head over and down, and give your curls a little shake out for more volume. To keep the curls in place, finish your look with a small spritz of hairspray.

For example, to create a more relaxed wave, use your fingers to separate and release your curls once they have cooled. Using a wide-tooth comb, carefully work your way through the curls for a more finished appearance. In order to keep the curls from losing their form, try not to touch them too much. The style will stay in place without seeming clunky with a small spritz of hairspray. Using these finishing touches to your curls guarantees that they will appear polished and last all day or all night.


Using the proper equipment, methods, and products is essential to getting the ideal curls with hair curling tools. You can get gorgeous, long-lasting curls every time by selecting the ideal curler, correctly preparing your hair, sectioning it, learning the curling technique, modifying the heat setting, using the appropriate products, and concluding with the perfect style methods. You may experience the glamour and adaptability that neatly curled hair adds to your appearance with patience and effort. These suggestions might help you create the ideal curls whether you are preparing for a big occasion or simply want to dress up your regular look.