best hair straightener India

Hair straighteners, also called flat irons are vital for gaining smooth and glossy hair. They serve as multi-purpose tools: they can be used for both straightening and curling your hair. These tools come in multiple shapes, materials and sizes. Therefore, one might find it challenging to choose one. You must choose wisely so as to avoid damage to your precious tresses.

Hair Straightener According To Type of Hair

  • Fine hair

Fine, thin hair can be damaged easily. So, it is good to opt for the best hair straightener India, which has more than one setting for heat. Choose straighteners with multiple heat settings; this way, you can manipulate the heat. Additionally, you don’t require much heat since it is a relatively easy task to straighten this hair type.

Ceramic straighteners are highly useful to smooth out hair and reduce frizz. Their ceramic plates distribute heat evenly, hold heat for a long time, and help control heat. Such plates are either ceramic-plated or coated or tourmaline-coated or plated. They are best for thin and fine hair.

  • Thick hair

Select a hair straightener with higher settings for heat. This will permit you to straighten your hair in single or double strokes. If you use a setting of low temperature, you will be forced to repeatedly go over the same part of the hair, raising the chances of damage to cuticles.

It is Titanium that heats up fast and maintains consistent heat. Since Titanium plates heat up fast and maintain a high heat, it becomes easier to straighten thick hair. There is no need to repeat heating actions over same strands of hair, thus lowering damage.

  • Curly hair

This kind of hair is most prone to frizzing and the toughest to straighten. For making life easier, go for a flat iron with wider plates, since they offer more grip and help straighten bigger portions of hair in one go. Also, this will help reduce your time for styling by half.

For those with frizzy, curly hair, Tourmaline straighteners are typically more useful, since they are highly effective at even low temperatures. One can also opt for flat irons featuring ceramic plates, which do the job without dehydrating your tresses.

  • Damaged hair

The best option for this kind of hair is not to use any kind of straightener. But if you cannot avoid this, you must opt for a straightener with multiple settings of heat. Through this, you can avoid exposing the strands of your hair to heat damage caused by high temperatures. Tools with rounded edges will help prevent hair loss and snagging. Also, take care to use a heat protectant product while styling this kind of hair.

Your best bet is a hot brush which evenly distributes heat and provides a smooth and sleek finish. The method is simple- turn on the brush and use it normally. In case you are shopping for a flat iron, choose one with titanium plates which use ionic technology for sealing the cuticles while straightening hair- making for zero frizz and extra shine.

Think about why you are buying

It is good to decide early on why you are shopping for a hair straightener. In the case of most people, it is to straighten their hair. But there are persons who aim to use them as multi-purpose tools for hair styling.

Consider whether you desire to purchase a flat iron, which can be used either for hard core styling or casual straightening. Also, note whether you are a frequent traveller. If so, you will want a light and compact tool.

  • Use and shape of straightener

If you desire a straightener to offer luscious waves or curls, select one featuring curved housing and plates. These curved edges permit hair strands to curl around the body of the straightener to create effortless curls.

  • Features and accessories

Certain hair straighteners feature special qualities and designs like sleep-mode features, heat-protective cases, and a built-in comb for tough curls. In case you are hankering for innovative, new technology, such straighteners with modern bells and whistles might be appealing to you.

There are many straighteners in the market that provide unique features; therefore, it is worthwhile to devote some time to understanding these features. You can then make an informed decision on the basis of what you want.

  • Temperatures

For all kinds of hair from straight to wavy to curly and unruly, 185 degree C is the ideal temperature for styling. But note that hair straighteners at a lower cost heat up in an uneven fashion sometimes, leading to ineffective results. Some parts of your hair will not get enough heat, while other sections may gain too much.

  • Quality and price

Though hair straightening tools may be an expensive product for many, it is wise to save money and invest in one that is of good quality. The downside to cheap flat irons is that they might break easily and will not heat up in an even fashion, causing severe damage to your hair. Styling experts always recommend putting priority on quality rather than price for these tools.

  • How to select

The choice of a professional hair straightener depends on some factors. The first factor is the type of your hair. For wavy hair, opt for narrow plates. Curly hair needs broader plates. Select a straightener which features a temperature controller. Seek plates that evenly transfer heat.

  • How to curl hair

It is wise to make use of a thin-plated iron featuring round edges. Begin from the hair close to the scalp. Next, part the hair into separate sections. Then, hold a strand, begin half-way down and make a U-turn with the iron. Once you have completed doing this for one layer, proceed to the next. Note that your hair must be dry.


You must invest in a high-quality straightening tool only following thorough research. Know what tool you require and whether you can afford it. You may be able to narrow down your options after noting what features you desire and the price range of these tools. Buying the right tool becomes easy after you factor in all the above points. Get ready to create salon-style hair at home!